15 Jan, 2022 → by Cristina Dalan
Wizz Air airline claim. Flight ticket.

Hi There . I purchased a ticket on wizzair airline to fly back from Romania to London . Flight was meant to happen on the 1st of January 2022 but it got cancelled . I then received an email that I can rebook a new route within 14 days . I have called the airline on the 3rd Of January 2022 and asked if I could get back to them once I decide the date of my new flight . The agent said that is not a problem I can call anytime . I have then called again on the 8th January and asked for a new ticket but the agent said it is not possible to do that I need to file a complaint. So I did file a complaint but I got an automatic email stating I will only an answer within 30 days . I did not have time to wait that long so I called back the airline . Another agent said that his colleague made a mistake by advising me to send a complaint and therefore now he can’t change my ticket I need to wait for the complaint department to get back to me even though it was their mistake . So I then sent another email and received and answer saying that thy can only give me a refund of the fare not a new ticket . I did not want a refund I only paid £35 for the ticket I now had to spend £500 for a new ticket . Plus all the stress I been going through as I do not have money , I had to get back to the uk to work then when I done the test I tested positive for covid so still could not fly and had to book a third ticket . I spent £690 on tickets because of their mistake
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