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From beginning of February this year, there was an agreement made with me to pay towards my account which was n arrears, I was given an amount specified by them to pay over 6 months till end July. I have been making steady payments of slightly more each month then the amount stipulated. End of June after making 5 payments, I was informed that I am now owing them on further chargers incurred for supposed airtime & data given to me but only charged end of Feb of which I was never informed about. This was due to my contract being reactivated but I immediately phoned them to cancel with immediate effect, as I was still busy paying towards my overdue account & could not have a new contract commencing. I spoke to a Mrs Zanele, early July, who informed me that I should not pay towards the overdue amount and the matter will be investigated. End July they were still claiming I must pay full amount. Now it took me over 300 calls, several dozen emails to track who exactly was this Mrs Zanele, onlly to come right over 4 weeks later, now mid Aug, only to be told matter still being investigated/ I last spoke to her & her manager early Sep, stating that, the investigation has been concluded but I am still being held liable to pay full amount stipulated of which I hesitatingly agreed to do so, end of this month. Now they have deactivated my lines of their system, stating that I have failed to pay end July, but could not do so as the matter was still being investigated, and now Mrs Zanele in legal collections cannot or wont offer aany assistance to rectify this matter
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