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The worst experience I ever had

I have been with this bank for more than 10 years and was happy with everything until recently. I never had any problems with their staff or service. I visited them dozens of times and everything was OK. But last week I decided to change my safety box to a smaller one. So I turned to the teller and asked whether I could switch to a smaller box. He answered that they had smaller boxes and closed my old one. He hasn’t mentioned anything about any additional fees at first. But before opening a new account for me he told me that I had to pay a fee! $60 or something like that! I was so shocked that the exact sum slipped my mind! But it was really big! I asked him why he did not tell me about that beforehand. But he had no answer. Looked like he was a new hire. He got confused and kept silent. I turned to their manager. But he could not help me as well. I still have some cards with them but I am not sure whether I will prolong my contracts.

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I can't set up auto-payment. I don't understand why they make it all more user friendly, the support service is not responding. Very inconvenient online banking.
apple pie | June 15, 2021 | Reply
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