22 Jun, 2021 → by LutherLuther
Staff is nice but lack competence and organization

I opened accounts with them many years ago. But two weeks ago I saw that someone tried to access my online banking account. I turned to the bank and they froze it. Obviously I had to open a new account. Everything was OK. The assistant answered all my questions about this new account and told me about all the rates and charges. I should say that all the staff there is super nice. I thought that all the problems were solved. So I waited for 30 (!) more minutes for them to transfer money from my old account into a new one and left. But the next day I made some purchases and noticed that they took some money after every purchase and put it onto my savings account. So I had to go to the bank one more time and ask to switch off those automatic transactions. Let’s be objective, they should have asked me before switching them on! They told me that everything was fixed. I left and the next day the situation repeated. The system kept on transferring money to my savings account. That was the last straw! I came to their manager and asked him to put things right. In half an hour they called me to apologize and say that everything was fixed. No problems after that. So I am still their loyal customer.

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think the bank is normal, only the application is buggy, it is designed for new phone models, but I have an old one, and they don't support mine, I don’t like it.
Chukovsky | July 13, 2021 | Reply
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