1 Jun, 2021 → by Cooler
Love it, love it, their reps are cool

Their electronic assortment is unbelievable. You can get the items which already disappeared from the shelves of other parties. Since I am a premium client (I funded them with more than $15K, ha) I receive even more discounts, and I get notifications on my email when new models of laptops or notepads are added to the website. One time I have had inconvenience when ordering with them but the reason behind that was their busy hours. They could not manage to call all the clients for a follow up with their orders, so I waited for 2 hours to confirm the order. This site is worth your money, guys! NO scam, no complaints but extremely friendly customer support team!!

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I ordered there a laptop, waited for more than two weeks and every time they told me that I have to wait more, but then they just apologized and canceled the order, but I don’t need an apology, but I need a laptop
Kate | June 04, 2021 | Reply
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A couple of years ago I bought a motherboard there, it was cheaper than in other stores. It came with a defect, returned it, but it frayed my nerves and I didn't order more there.
Correy | June 28, 2021 | Reply
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