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It took them 3 DAYS to fix their own fault

I have been using this service for two years. I moved 4 sites to their host so far. And I was fully satisfied until recently. I used to recommend them to my partners. But, 3 days ago, I found that all my sites were broken. I wrote to the support team, they tried to fix that and things got worse. I wrote to them about that. After the second try, one of the sites was OK, but the other 3 were still broken. Naturally, my users got nervous. They wrote to me and demanded explanations. But the support team of this host did not provide any. I had to wait for 2 more days until all my sites were fixed. 3 DAYS!!!! I was about to move my sites to another host. And the reason for all that mess was the new adjustments to their server. In fact, that was all their fault.

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