22 Jun, 2021 → by Dr. Emmett
Huge overdraft fees

I got myself into unpleasant situation when I went overdraft and was charged for each of these without being notified by the bank. Now as my banker at the local branch explained me, I must be notified in advance through my mobile application should I go overdraft. That would be at least fair. What happened, however, I was double charged at the gas station (I believe it was their mistake, but that was the separate issue). I had money on my account only to cover a single transaction, not the two of these. So my bank charges me $35 of overdraft and I am not even aware of it! Then I go to buy a small drink as a second transaction, and I get over-drafted again! Also $35. Shouldn’t they be wary of all transactions that happen at gas stations in the first place? Second, shouldn’t they send me a notification, before charging me anything or letting the transaction through? I feel like I was robbed three times in a row, literally.

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My credit limit was not raised as I requested, although I paid everything on time and never had problems with payments, I have a good rating and I am a regular customer.
Mitch | July 02, 2021 | Reply
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    I had an auto-payment error and I saw it only two days later, the money was simply not withdrawn, and now because of their! error I have problems, this is a nightmare
    Benjamin Franklin | July 16, 2021 | Reply
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