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Home Nursing Care


Let's start with the really important failure of the nursing care. My mother suffered a spinal injury that left her with little to no feeling below the point of injury. Amedisys was prescribed by the physician to provide skilled nursing for her in-home. She developed a bedsore that was incompetently tended to and allowed to advance to the point of infecting the bone beneath the wound. My mother is now in full time skilled care and unlikely to ever return home as the we are told that the wound is so advanced that is unlikely to every heal. Secondarily, our long term care insurer requested documents to process the claim on April 28. Amedisys didn't request the HIPPA release until June 30 which was returned exactly 71 minutes after the request was made. Their records contractor (MRO) required a separate HIPPA release which was received and returned on July 6. We are now told that the request will be processed in order of receipt despite being informed that the insurance claim will be closed due to lack of response for documentation on July 9. Conclusion: Amedisys is incompetent in both the care of patients and administration of required documentation. Dealing with Amedisys has been challenging at best and life threatening in reality.
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