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Don’t expect them to adhere to promised timeframes


I ordered 2 pair of eyeglasses based on their sales pitch to deliver within 10-12 days. I contacted them on the 10th day and was told they were “unusually” delayed but would be shipped within 24-48 hrs. I contacted them on day 12 and although my account indicated they had passed from “PRODUCTION” to ” processing” but no tracking number. I spoke to someone who told me it was a computer glitch that my account reflected process and that they were still in production and that I would be receiving an email within 10-12 days advising when they would be shipped. I said that would be 20-24 days from when they were ordered and that a few days ago I was told 24-48 hours but now has extended to 20-24 days. All I got from customer service were the standard phrase words and absolutely no explanation regarding the reason for the delay and then they threatened to cancel the order that i had already waited almost 2 weeks to receive. It’s basically the old bate and switch whereas you order the glasses based on their promise then once they had the order they feel no responsibility to fulfill any prior promise, and I haven’t even received them yet. At this point I am seeking the assistance of the BBB to help with the resolution of this catastrophe before if goes further down the toilet.

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Well over two years later and I have the exact same story that you have. I'm over 30 days so far and customer service quotes the same exact bullshit that is completely vague and unusual delays and can't produce a tracking number until I disputed it on PayPal to make them refund me the money and then all of a sudden they did produce a tracking number and instead of overnighting it which they should have, it's now going to take six more days according to the Post office tracking service. I want to sue this company so bad! I'm just furious at reading all of the other people that this has happened to and a civil lawsuit needs to happen. It's not even about the money anymore but about just blatant disregard for the consumers.
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