15 Jun, 2021 → by Marty McFly
Constant computer problems

In general I like this bank. Obviously every bank has both pluses and minuses. And all of them give you a headache one day. This one is OK. I haven’t got any serious problems so far. But I know that they may screw up everything one day. I am ready for that. The only minus I see now is that they cannot cope with lines. There are always lines. Not all the tellers are working. Some of them are just sitting in front of their computers and peering at the screens. Do they have some constant computer problems? Or what? Is that so hard to fix them? Why to make clients stand in lines? Do something! So if I can I avoid tellers and go to ATMs. It is much faster.

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You still need to find this branch to stand in this lines. Why are they saving so much on employees, is there really so little income?
flushy | June 17, 2021 | Reply
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