17 Mar, 2022 → by Mariette Groenewald
Useless MTN Wellington

Upgraded my contract at MTN Wellington, I asked if they had Samsung S21 in stock and I was told they have the S21 FE in stock. I went in to do the upgrade and asked if this was the model with the BIGGER screen. I was assured it had a bigger screen. Signed all the necessary documents, and to my surprise found that the phone was EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE as my current Samsung phone. I phoned them and said I'll be returning the phone as it's NOT what I wanted. I was told I couldn't return it, I already signed the documents and everything. Took the matter to the ombudsman, even there I was told I could not return the item as it was not defective. Excuse me, but what exactly is the consumer act good for if you're not ALLOWED TO RETURN AN ITEM YOU'RE NOT HAPPY WITH?
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