14 Jan, 2022 → by Paula
Scammed by shipping company


I had paid for a puppy and to have her shipped. Was told from the puppy owner that it was $230 for shipping. Which was paid to dog owner. (Which is my next claim) I was given a ship date and since then the shipping company has charged me for 3 separate fees. $1000 for a permit, $665 for an air conditioned crate and $712 for add’l shopping fees I have been scammed and believe the dog owner is in on it! Owner: Leslie Lorraine, 6901 East Baker Place, Denver Colorado under the name of https://lesliecavalierpuppies.com/. They have nothing to reimburse funds and owner is still asking to split the last fees with her? I have not seen the puppy or know it’s where abouta since I purchased her.
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I was receiving a Sun Conure bird, first they wanted $719 for pet insurance,l (100% refuunded),another $1100 for anti-pressure crate rental fee(90% refund) then $300 for boarding fees(wich it was their fault-wouldn't send bird) then they said another $200 for customs stamp there's no customs from Albuquerque to my home. I refused to pay the $200 and now they won't answer my text, emails and won't send my money. Is there something we can do to get pir money and animals?
Cathy | March 23, 2022 | Reply
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Kim Christain from Eagle-TL has made everything right and I received the bird tomorrow. Anyone having a problem should connect with Eagle -TL, they will be fair and help to resolve any issues
Cathy | May 08, 2022 | Reply
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