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Paid for unused services during covid. New location will not honor previous contract.


I started bikini treatments in Miami late 2019. I had 5 treatments before Covid shut down all locations for a couple months and I also moved out of state to NC due to job closing down. The closest location to me in NC was 2 hours away. I was still making payments without getting treatment. I called several times to both my old location, and the 2 hour away one to see how the rest of my services would be handled since time had passed and the hair has started growing back like normal, but I had been paying. They never got back to me. I have since moved back to Fl but in the Orlando area, after calling about 5 more times with this problem I was finally able to set up an appointment to resume treatment and evaluate if I would need to start from the beginning. Upon arriving today for the appointment I was told the appointment was cancelled because there was a problem with my account. I owe about $200 total balance. Even though I had continued to pay while locations were closed, they are saying it cannot be honored because this is a franchised location. Nobody informed me of that in the 2 months it took to set up this appointment. There has been no word of a refund of the almost $400 I paid for no treatments. This is absolutely the shadiest company I have ever given business to.
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