7 Nov, 2022 → by Aaron
Horrible decision – not worth the risk


**Please see image of transaxle cooler in which both inlet and outlet are clogged by Bar's Leaks. This occurred in the radiator hoses, radiator and heater core as well. I often wonder as I'm passing through the auto stores for throttle body cleaner, Brake Kleen or the like, just how many people have been royally sc_ewed by Bar's Leaks and their products. How many out there never speak up and say a word about their poor experiences? Well, I have one of my own that I'm going to share as it seems the BBB no longer has my report posted. To be quite honest, following my experience, I spoke with both Bar's Leaks and the BBB in the state of Michigan - the man ar Bar's Leaks just gave me the creeps and the woman at the BBB came across as "shady" for lack of better words. It would not surprise me if businesses can pay to have negative reviews removed from the BBB. Anyhow, this was my experience. It's more of an overview as it can be long-winded. This is about 4 years ago now in 2018, I believed I had a head gasket either gone bad or in the process of going bad. I discovered Bar's Leaks head gasket formula that offered a full money back guarantee if the product did not work, provided all prerequisites were met and instructions followed appropriately. My vehicle met all prereqs, I followed each step as outlined. Whatever occurred afterwards was exponentially worse than before. I finally resigned to take my car to the shop where upon diagnosis it was found that the product was everywhere. And I mean everywhere. All hoses, the radiator, transaxle cooler, heater core, it was all plugged up with a gelatinous type of muck. It was awful. On the end I had to purchase a new engine which atcthe time cost $5000.00 and then some. It was evident that the Bar's Leaks product made my problem far worse. I should never have put that stuff in my car and I don't recommend that anyone else does either. Following the application, my car would no longer operate. I had to purchase a new engine and I began to make contact with Bar's Leaks. I sent them the original receipt and the UPC barcode cut off the top flap of the product box, they sent me a full refund for the product in the amount of around $40. But my woes were far greater and I petitioned Bar's Leaks to meet me half way in the purchase of my new engine as their product had exacerbated my problems and ultimately, destroyed my car's engine. Bar's Leaks did get in touch with the shop where my car was, the shop confirmed everything that I have said thus far. Pictures of the damage were provided. Bar's Leaks denied that their product failed, irreparably damaging my car's engine. The best I can recall Bar's Leaks reason for choosing not to participate in replacing my engine due to their failed product and company promises was that they were unable to confirm that their product exacerbated my car engine's problems. I think most people can do the math here. I think the best bet is if you have a blown head gasket or know that one is imminent, just go have the thing fixed. These short cut products like Bar's Leaks are no remedy and if they do work, will only be temporary.
Avoid at all costs
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