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Complaints & Reviews — Find A Grave

I am trying to get in touch with Spring Valley Cemetery, Larkspur, Colorado. The number on the website has been disconnected. My dad has nine spaces there and I would like to be able to place his headstone there.
Greetings! I want to know why the biography field is blocked relative to my deceased father, memorial # [protected]. Additionally, there is erroneous information cited for him; therefore, I’m requesting that the subject memorial be deleted altogether. I’m also aware of someone in my family who has a grudge against the family, and has been hacking into... Read more➤
I have twice appealed to your organization for help in having a memorial turned over to me. The memorial no. [protected] for Bob Dean Browning was set-up with bare minimums by a TM Miller. I’ve tried more than once to have him turn over management to me, with no response. I was very close friend to Bob... Read more➤
Still cannot search on find a grave website don’t know the problem I have always been able to get on with my iphone
*** off. No business with u. *** employee make fun of dead. *** you. Ancestry will get no money from me ever. Garbage company that wont fix mistakes and give you the runaround instead.

Ignoring the customer

Dear people, do not fall into the trap of Viasata. By signing such beautiful contracts for a television set that you have "" completely free "" for only a month 13. 50 AU$! 0. 5 years for free and the price does not change for 1. 5 years... if you had a bill for 15. 50 Ls. I sent a complaint letter to viasatu two months ago, to which even the company has not yet found time to respond. In principle, the quality is also dramatic... this decoder hangs all the time... the television disappears in a thick... you can take it out on a beautiful rainy summer afternoon, when there is nothing to do... because the television is opened for two lats... which you "" itkaaaa "" are not the payers of... Basically tell me to "" get rid of my kluudaam ""


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