12 Apr, 2022 → by Lisa
Horrible Customer Service!


Don't First the positive - We received our order quickly. We ordered 22 chairs. Four arrived with chipped paint. The chairs were heavily wrapped and affixed to a pallet. The delivery driver moved the palate off of the truck, but did not offer to unwrap the order or wait for us to do so. He had a truck full of delivery orders. It took time to get through all of the packaging and visually inspect each chair. We had to clean off heavy dust in order to properly inspect each item. When I called customer service, I got an "Our policy is" message. The company isn't liable for any damage once you sign for the delivery. I was transferred to another agent who said the same thing. She did say I could send and email and they will review the situation, but I have low confidence in a satisfactory resolution. Companies that start with "our policy is" don't generally put customers first in my experience. I received the following response from the company. As expected, they are not going to make it right. They state they would have helped me, but they aren't because I shared my experience online. This is a great example of what customers can expect from this company. From SeatingExperts 3/31/22 "..we, of course, were going to do our best to suggest a solution for a few scrapes on the chair powder coating for the 4 chairs. However, based on your phone conversation with both of our support agents, you have threatened us with a complaint to a credit card company. It looks like you also did not waste any time to post a negative review online." The solution was going to be suggestions on how to make do it yourself repairs! This company doesn't stand behind its products and offers terrible customer service!!!
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