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Faulty Rolex Watch.


Dear SIr/Madam. I have received your rolex submariner watch (Order number [protected]) this afternoon. After opening up the box and inspect the item, push down the winder and screw back, found that the watch was a Quatz watch and within 2 hour it had stop. I am disapointed that the advertisment was mechanical movement but received a Quatz watch. Even in your manual booklet which i read also with the mechanical movement instrutions. I am your regular customer and all the while there is no compliants. This time you might overlook. Please look into my problem and reply me asap. Thank You Ronnie Lee Your Sincere Customer Email: ex.[protected]@gmail.com Mobile: +[protected]
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I tried to order a Baby - G item from this store online. Their advertisement said that the item they are selling is original. However, the item I actually received is a fake one. The "day" displayed on its screen is two days behind the actual day. It showed Sun even though the actual day is Tuesday. I tried to adjust the day but the function isn't working. It is not a good buy.
Jonalyn | April 19, 2022 | Reply
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