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E*Trade lost $10,000 of my money!


I had an e-trade account that I was just sitting on. I never really was active in it. I probably opened it over 15 years ago. The only way I would check on it was with their paper statements which were mailed to my home. I opened up one in June this year and noticed that it only had one penny in it. The statement which usually says $10, 000 now just said 1 cent. Long story short, someone was able to log into my e-trade account in March and make two large calculated withdrawls and left me a penny! I contacted E-trade and they said they would do an investigation and asked me for some selfies, signed affidavits and a police report. My conversation was with Robert Carter who assured me that the funds would be returned once the investigation was complete. I completed all these tasks as requested and I just received a letter saying that the 'investigation was complete' and my e-trade account is now closed. My correspondence was with Robert Carter, who assured me this was not a big deal, but a formal investigation would need to be done for the funds to be replaced. He has been of little help in providing any assistance with the matter. I just got off the phone with them and they basically said, "Too bad, so sad." (if i take out 200 bucks from an ATM across town, the bank will often phone me. I can't believe they would let anyone just liquidate my account without my knowledge) I expect better service from this organization.
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