13 May, 2022 → by Denika
Appalling customer service!!!!!

In one of my orders, I ordered a wig and asked for a specific color. I also ordered several other items and also strands of another brand. The wigs I bought were not available, еру customer support contacted me and told that. They asked whether I wanted them replaced. I decided that I did. I looked at the other products. The ones I wanted were still in stock so I asked again if it was available, they said yes and I ordered more. When the order arrived, I didn't see the wig I switched. Instead they sent me the wrong wig, they sent me a completely different wig, the structure and color were different. When I contacted them about the mistake they didn't even apologize and started arguing with me in multiple emails, they were proving to me that they sent exactly what I ordered. This was insolent and brazen. I provided them with two screenshots from my phone, hoping that they would stop their antics and admit their mistake. Furthermore, even after seeing their mistake, they didn't apologize, didn't say we were sorry for the incident and disrespect. They just sent me a return label. I felt like I was humiliated and insulted. I don't know how you can have such an unprofessional, rude and downright deceitful customer service at Ebonyline. You won't have any more customers this way!

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