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ACANAC Bad management of a company run by South Asians

We had subscribed to voip in 2011 which never worked and Acanac did not help at all. They took one year advance at 9.95 per month and we asked for refund. It took us one long year before this company agreed to refund the money in May 2012. Then they kept on delaying and delaying asking for one document after another, although they were keen to sign us up and take our money without any document. It is two years since we have been waiting for refund. They are total fraudsters and mannerless. Typical south asian CSRs like Sanam, Hamed, Sonia, Navneet are talking *** with clients. These people are totally unprofessional and mannerless because their management teaches them to be rude. What are they to lose if they have taken all money upfront. They know that consumers can’t do anything even if they don’t provide any service. This is due to lax laws in canada where companies like Acanac are ripping off Canadian consumers. We are taking them to small claims even if it is for $134.92 plus interest. We paid from credit card that cost us a marginal interest rate of 28% and they are shameless and refusing to refund back the money. NEVER PAY ADVANCE TO ANY COMPANY IN CANADA FOR SERVICE NOT RECEIVED. This company could pack up anytime and their bosses would run away to Asia.

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