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5201 Interchange Way, Louisville, Kentucky, 40229
United States
Phone: (800) 579-0975
Web: http://zigzag.com

Category: Cigarettes and Tobacco

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Complaints & Reviews — Zig Zag

Still haven’t heard anything from them gave statement on what the issue was left email and all my information and still nothing User’s recommendation: Not great.

Zig Zag
28 Jun, 2021

Zig Zag Disatisfied..

Normally happy but lately have purchased papers where every second paper has no adhesiveDodgy batch? Hope quality control will look into it..

Zig Zag
3 May, 2021

Zig Zag Slippery

Slippery impossible to hand roll just brought a box of 50 packets going to bin them. Why change something that has worked for years very disappointed.

In the last several weeks I’ve gotten SEVERAL packs of wraps that are hard af and unusable!! 3 times now in the last 2 weeks from 3 different stores I got stale, dried out, broken, hole in actual wrappers the wraps come in. It’s happened a lot over the last few months but I’ve been blaming the… Read more➤

Zig Zag
1 Apr, 2021

Zig Zag Flattened cones again

Sometimes there is an issue with the straws on the outside of the rapper on the king size cone 3 pack is what I personally smoke. It’s a minor inconvenience and it’s only now and again but at $2 a pack the three papers, that’s not exactly cheap but it’s not the worst thing in the world… Read more➤

Zig Zag
15 Feb, 2021

Zig Zag Roller issues

Thank you for the opportunity to reply. when speaking with the customer service rep every question I asked she would email to another person who would answer it and then would then answer my concern which of course took time as literally every question had to be sent to whomever and then we had to wait for… Read more➤

Well I bought it from Kelly party store and need coupon for zig zag please!

Zig Zag
12 Dec, 2020

Zig Zag Papers are messed up

In the passed few months the zig zag kutcorners quality has been unsatisfactory. This brand of papers I have been using for 30 plus years. The corners have been cut larger than ever before. A few packs I bought had a corner cut in the center on the edge cut. Have thrown out several packs unfortunately no… Read more➤

A few weeks ago I purchased a pack of orange zig zags and within 4 days the pack was gone. I counted my last 2 packs and I mean last, one pack had 22 papers and another only 27. I have purchased orange zig zags for 30+ years and today I stop. User’s recommendation: Buy something that… Read more➤

I contacted customer service to tell them that Not only did my order come opened half of it was missing……women gets back to me saying it was the post offices fault and porch pirates must of stole part of my package. Her spelling and grammar were horrible….I would of checked to make sure my sentences made sense… Read more➤

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