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Complaints & Reviews — SafeLink Wireless

My safelink phone no longer worked so I was advised I needed to buy another phone. But it must be from the company they deal with. That company is net 10. I bought the phone but was not told the sim card was locked to their company for service! So I am stuck with the lousy service... Read more➤
First, they are defrauding low-income people by selling their phones at TWICE the cost of buying them elsewhere, but no matter what THEY say, they WILL NOT activate a phone that you did not buy from them. “Bring your own phone” my *SS!!! Then I get told I did not buy it from them, when I most... Read more➤
15 Aug, 2021

Safe Link Corporate

I’ve been using a phone number for months without a problem until yesterday when my phone stopped working. I found out from your Safe Link employees that you don’t own the number I’ve been using since I last changed it. How is it that none of your employees find this alarming? I would appreciate it very much... Read more➤
13 Aug, 2021


Unable to finish my application no bar code sent and my service has been deactivated could you please help me
I need to talk with a live person please. Due to I do not have ads we’d to a computer and I am an elderly . I need help of retreeiving my voicemail asasp.
I have been on a plan for 4 years I always got my minutes I did not get them this time I have been geting 1000 minutes User’s recommendation: Good.
I was given a new phone 5 months ago and from that time on, I have had to call and ask for them to put my minutes on the phone. They won’t do it until the fifth, so for 5 days out of every month I don’t have service. I am not sure who to contact about... Read more➤
3 attempts to port my phone over 12 hours and then they failed to connect my plan to my Sim. Impossibly bad! User’s recommendation: Stay far, far away.
I want an application for free phone and service, my mailing address is Mary maiden p o box 306, andersonville, tn
This company has fraudulently added me to the EBB discount through their service which I did not authorise. Upon being authorised for the EBB discount i contacted Verizon who contacted me back today saying the application for the benefit to go through them was denied because it was going through this service group which I never authorised.... Read more➤

Unacceptable attitude from a "teacher"

After reading the comments, which were all just good, I called the numbers provided, applied for the child's lesson, and filled in the application form online. A reply came to the e-mail. The next day Dana sent me a personal account number to which I had to transfer 55CAD. Before paying, I asked about the contract, because I think it is normal for parents to return their child to any study, including a small child, so the contract is, in my opinion, a normal thing, which I think it should be. To which I was told that it is not a kindergarten, so they do not have a contract! The writing went so far as to write to us, either pay and carry or look elsewhere! At that time, I did not like and be treated by the teacher,in addition, studio managers. Okay, we talked to my husband, the child really liked the first vocal lesson, after which, every day after the garden, I asked if we would go dancing / singing again, we decided that it was not crazy for the child to go, if he liked it so much, I'm right next door. We paid immediately for a month and started attending classes (3 classes in total) until the day (week) came when I was holding an event (my husband) and everything had to be done. And, on the day of the lesson, in the afternoon I called Dana to find out where the lessons would take place that day, because I was confused, I didn't pick up the phone, I sent an SMS that she couldn't talk while she had a lesson. I apologized and wrote the same SMS (for the address), then at some point it occurred to me that the classes would take place in the center, not on Riepnieku Street, I immediately wrote Dan a sms,that all right address I found. She sends OK, even though she could write the address, at least after the lesson. So I spent all day organizing and working and still in college (it's for information, so don't think I'm sitting at home and can't remember where I had to take the child to class, besides, it was just class 3 or 4). In the evening, after work, I took the child out of the garden and corked to the center, we paid for running, we ran upstairs to the studio, we came - everything closed! I do not understand anything, I sit down, think how?! The child starts creaking, how so, we missed and everyone left without us?! I call Dana, I ask why everything closes, to which I answer - Of course close, for you today vocal lessons on Riepnieku Street! Well Yohaidi! But I called during the day to find out if it was really that hard to send an address instead of OK?!?!?! I began to ask why,to avoid such problems, you can not send to the e-mail schedule?! I answer that I can make my own schedule, it is not their job to write schedules. Okay, myself, but I pay for monthly lessons vocals + choreography (choreography started 2 weeks later than vocal lessons) or really so hard to catch up and make at least the beginning of the schedule until those parents get used to the schedule and then you can already talk and then not to send, but until a person enters the rhythm, it would be just pleasant, moreover, if a person works and studies and has his own things, when other times at all forget what about the day and how the day is lessons. Okay, after talking to Dan, whose indifferent voice was able to say only one thing - you need to - you do and do! the main one pays! :) I was indescribably angry, but I was even more hurt by a child who is not at fault at all,stands next to him and sneezes and is so really worried about the situation and waiting for what I will say, why everything is shut down and no one is :(I will also do so, please calculate how many daughter attended classes to deduct, but the rest of the money to be transferred back to the account from which it was paid. To which I replied that the money will not be returned, because you see, I myself will break with them "AGREEMENT "! which is not at all, and which I was worried about at the beginning. It all came down to us just being sent elsewhere, saying that the money would not be returned. Seeing that Dana is not going to solve the situation, just send somewhere else, I also I didn't want to deal with anything anymore, I said that if I didn't return the money, I would go to the relevant institution (I work in this institution),to find out how legal it is to pay for classes on a private account without receiving a receipt for payment, without a contract (however, it is a cooperation for a longer period of time, usually for several years!). I said that such an attitude on the part of the teacher is unacceptable, unprofessional, moreover, knowing HOW the child liked the lessons, that person didn't care, everything was clear - do it yourself or go elsewhere! According to me, that I will turn to the relevant service, and I do not want my child to deal with such a crumb, dropped the handset, after that I was immediately blocked (I realized it later), wherever possible! The money was immediately counted and the balance was transferred back to my account in about 30min. at a time. I was happy, but at the same time very hard around my heart because of the child, because I didn't have peace all the way home, I asked all the time,will we go the next day, and will not be shut again, and that she will remind me, will call from the garden so that we do not delay and so that everyone does not leave again. In the evening, Dad came from work and he was told everything and even talked about whether he would take me to classes when my mother needed to study. I listened and realized that something had to be done. The next day I called Dana to apologize, maybe meet and resolve the situation, the number was busy (then I just realized that the number is busy all the time because I am blocked) I tried a few more times, then I wrote an apology message and explained that the child was not fault and accidental childbirth, we must resolve this incident. I sent several sms, but silence (I see only under SMS - sent, read). After a couple of SMS I felt humiliating because I don't understand this "teacher"!There are usually two sides to the conflict and an educated, adult person usually wants to solve the situation, so I do not understand such an attitude on the part of the teacher... Later I decided to leave the rating on their fb profile - https: // www. and I also added a comment with a short description of the situation, but when I clicked to leave a rating, I was shown on the screen that I can't comment and rate this page because I am blocked! :D Then it became clear to me why this page has no negative ratings and reviews are only good (there are 2 ratings with 2 points, but they are left so that they look more real!:Den / and I also added a comment with a short description of the situation, but when I pressed to leave a rating, I was shown on the screen that I can't comment and rate this page because I am blocked! :D Then it became clear to me why this page has no negative ratings and reviews are only good (there are 2 ratings with 2 points, but they are left so that they look more real!:Den / and I also added a comment with a short description of the situation, but when I pressed to leave a rating, I was shown on the screen that I can't comment and rate this page because I am blocked! :D Then it became clear to me why this page has no negative ratings and reviews are only good (there are 2 ratings with 2 points, but they are left so that they look more real!:D Now we are in another studio, where a contract has been concluded, there is a payment for which we pay and there is a visit schedule and even a parking lot next to the building :) We are both very happy! PS I may be too detailed and demanding, but various life situations have shown that everything must be in order and there must be a relevant document (proof) about the operation of the cart, because there may be situations when you will not be able to do anything without the paper. you may think it is not necessary), you will be left alone with your problems, because now everyone is alone! Good luck and a positive community around you!

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