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Complaints & Reviews — Roblox

13 Sep, 2021

Funky friday

When im playing the game and i press a note teh points are going to negative, its happening on my ipad or my computer, but my friends are playing normal and i’d like to know how to fix that issue. Other things on the game are working fine since i know, can somebody help me to find... Read more➤
7 Sep, 2021


The Cop team is unfair, the Arrest range is OP, it’s way too long and the forcefield generator makes it too easy for cops to camp because it negates ALL damage and regenerates their HP, the game is unbalanced, the cops can arrest from almost 4 studs and they are able to camp very easily because of... Read more➤
4 Sep, 2021

Those Who Remain

Hi I been playing Those Who Remain on Roblox for a while now and for some reason the game has just started freezing on me on certain waves it has never done this to me be for but now all of a sudden it’s just freezing on me. I really enjoy playing it but I can’t play... Read more➤
My Gmail got blocked, and I can’t get my account back, I need to cancel membership. I wasted a lot of money, and Apple keeps saying how their more roux in My account that I lost. User’s recommendation: Wait a little i have not gotten the call yet but i need hope!
When I bought my robux it had charged my card but I did not receive them into my account. I refreshed a bunch of times but it still did not work.
18 Aug, 2021

Unlock account

My daughter has made an account on my phone, and I was trying to log her on her new iPad so before logging her out from my phone, so I tried to do 2 steps verification to make sure not lose her account but did not realize that she didn’t put any phone number or email when... Read more➤
I called and no answer, got hacked, and they didn’t even answer blah blah blah I’m not writing no no User’s recommendation: Idk.
I got hacked and Roblox is not helping me so please can I have 800 roebucks for free but it doesnt come out of my bank account User’s recommendation: Please Roblox can you answer.
My account has been hacked and the password has been changed and the email on the account is not verified.
17 Aug, 2021

Change card account

I need to give different account information so my daughter can play roblox. I have been problems trting to do so can you please help me

Unsatisfactory quality of services, termination of contract

In June 2020, Pty. Optus entered into an agreement on subscribing to the economic package Helio VTV - television channels. Installation location Melbourne center. It was not possible to watch TV because it twitched, slowed down, at times it didn't show at all, the quality was completely missed! We decided to give up. In October 2020, we performed all actions to terminate the agreement at the Melbourne Mall Optus customer service center. Until the end of 2020, we paid a subscription fee for television that we do not use. When I called a customer service specialist and asked, they said it needed to pay the subscription fee by the end of the year, it's like a penalty. I agreed because I understand that there must be a penalty for something. But upon receipt of the current invoice at the end of January 2019,I found that I was also fined € 54 plus VAT. Why if I pay a subscription fee for a service I didn't receive by the end of the year! It turns out that regardless of when the contract is terminated you have to pay "n" months subscription fee and then you still have to pay the penalty. Isn't that greasy? But I could pay the penalty right and everything! But no, it is not so easy to fire a customer. Be careful before concluding agreements with Pty. Optus! Then you want to get rid of it and you won't! Sincerely,

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