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Complaints & Reviews — Marketside

2 Aug, 2021

Marketside Bad/Strange Eggs

Non expired same day purchase of Marketside Cage Free Brown Eggs from Walmart. The yokes were a bright, deep unnatural orange color. When cooked these eggs looked even weirder as the orange became more intense. When tasted, they didn’t have an egg flavor. There really wasn’t any flavor at all. But there was a very strange texture… Read more➤

Love the Cherry Gorgonzola salad kits – my local Walmart doesn’t keep them stocked very often. I was grossed out and disappointed when I bit down on a hard piece of plastic. Never thought it would happen to me, this is something that happens to other people. Glad I didn’t break my tooth. I will still be… Read more➤

Most of my Marketside Caesar salad was inedible lettuce cores. This is not the first time, although I have never seen it this bad. User’s recommendation: Don’t buy Marketside.

17 Jun, 2021

Marketside Salmonella Poisoning

I purchased a bag of classic iceberg salad a few days ago. I had it with my dinner yesterday with my wife. We both a few hours felt terrible. Vomiting and diarrhea took over as well as the stomach cramps. We went to the ER and it was salmonella just as we suspected. I still taste the… Read more➤

26 May, 2021

Marketside Want an item

I use to buy your individual packaged iced chocolate marble cake at Walmart every time I shopped but lately I cannot find it, I hope you still make it for it is the best cake you have. Can you tell me where I can buy it?

Opened my salad only to find 2 chunks of the yellow lettuce core and barely any other lettuce. Very unhappy User’s recommendation: If possible check out the lettuce bowl.

27 Feb, 2021

Marketside HATE Onions & chives

Why are these salads made with onions and chives when 87 percent of Americans HATE them? I take a bite and get an onion or chive and I want to throw up! It ruins the entire salad! User’s recommendation: Don’t buy if you hate onions & chives!

6 Feb, 2021

Marketside I’m tired

I buy your salads regularly years in fact and every time I buy them Always have to go through the salad and get these big chunks of the core out so when I finish I have a bigger pile of core then I have of regular lettuce, and I’m just tired of paying for a salad and… Read more➤

Noticed what looks like sliver of a pallet inside my salad and another smaller piece on another lettuce You can see dates, purchase receipt, wood, label User’s recommendation: Please check salads thoroughly!

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