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Complaints & Reviews — Dr Horton

Following their guidelines we addressed the warranty department twice regarding major repair work needing done throughout the entire home. It has been almost 2 months and We have yet to be contacted by anyone to inspect and repair the problems. We are not able to move…

I had a company come out and install a fence, and my neighbor claims that they damaged his sprinkler system. I was told to contact the builder, which is Dr Horton, and they would send someone to inspect the sprinkler system. He is claiming that I have to pay his water bill. Please send someone asap.

Dr Horton
16 Jul, 2021

Dr Horton Work orders

I love my house and I like Dr Horton. I think you guys can do a better job responding to customer’s concerns more timely. I also think that you are leaving money on the table by not be willing to modify the houses according to customer’s requests. Just let your contractors do the changes and the customers… Read more➤

My husband, Ken, and I had one of your homes built in 2010. Brand NEW!!! We still own this home. It’s located in The Woodlands, TX. We still love our home, however; we’d never recommend someone to by one. Why? In 2012 we went on a 2 week vacation to Costa Rica. Our air…

Eight months ago I contacted a D.R. Horton customer service technician by the name of SHANE GENTILE about an upstairs window leak. SHANE GENTILE cut up the drywall around the window and found the window has a crack in the frame. SHANE GENTILE ordered a window and will be replaced the second week of May. Reaching out… Read more➤

When the shower runs upstairs water is coming out of the down stairs being and duct work every other month or so seems like Im having a issues with something

I have been calling consistently for a week now trying to get an answer back to the repairs in my home. I have not received a telephone call, email, or text back in response to my numerous inquiries about repairs to my new house. This is a huge problem for me that needs to be fix

I bought this condo Back in 2005, brand new since the beginning I started having problems with different issues in my home. Recently the pipes, they are iron cast and they crack making a big mess with water leak. According to the plumbing company the pipes are very low quality, probably made In Mexico or China, they… Read more➤

We are building a home with DR Horton currently. We have a superintendent that has zero building knowledge and a whatever attitude. We have failed numerous inspections and subcontractors are terrible Due to the current market in the DWF area we have no choice but to finish the build I am documenting everything from mud on the… Read more➤

Builder Joe couldnt take care of the erosion problem and asked us to filed a warranty. They came and filled up the hole. Still not resolved. Yesterday rain washed out everything they filled. I need to know what cause the erosion. Not safe at all to drive or walk there is *** that you can trip. Havent… Read more➤

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