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I made an online purchase on yesterday (9/19/21) and after my order was submitted a message popped up saying that I could get a $10 rebate on my purchase. I take the time to fill out my info and then find out it costs $2 to join. Well, thats still $8 so I continue. Then I… Read more➤

I started seeing monthly charges on my AMEX bill of $13 per month from Free Shipping. I went back and saw charges going back several months. I called Free Shipping at the number shown on the statement and asked them when I signed up for this and they said I must have done it but could not… Read more➤

I was offered free shipping for items I purchased on the Land’s End web site for the price of $10. Afterwards, charges of $13.00 a month started appearing on my credit card statement from I feel that I was scammed and want all charges to date totaling seventy-eight dollars ($78) to be refunded. The company only… Read more➤

Today, I just cancel the offer I was given for a week . I was charge $37.00 for nothing, because you done nothing for me. That is excessive and abusive take advantage of individuals. I demand an explanation for this action. I was offer this promotion as I was checking out of Catherine Women’s Plus size… Read more➤

I did not sign up for this service so I do not understand how were able to charge my bank account. I can only assume this is fraudulent charge. I want you to to cancel this service that I did not request and you need to refund the $13.00 that you falsely withdrew from my bank account…. Read more➤
5 Apr, 2021

*SOLVED has made at least two unauthorized deductions from my bank account. I knew nothing about them until I noticed their fraudulent account deductions. [protected] $2.00 and [protected] $13.00 with no services or products rendered.

Made a $3,000 purchase through Home Depot 05/2020. Should have received $300 cash back. When I did not receive the cash back I contacted I was told to send in a copy of my receipt, which I did. After several emails and phone calls, I was finally told two weeks ago I would be receiving the… Read more➤

I called when I realized I was being charged $13 a month since December 2019. When I called they told me I had purchased something from Kohls on December 1st. I asked them to cancelt it. I called Kohls and asked. I have never been in a Kohls store. They had nothing on file that… Read more➤

I noticed I am being billed $13.00 a month for this free shipping service. I tried to go to their website several times to see what vendors use this service to determine if I want to continue this membership. However, every time I try to go to their website I get an error message. I am now… Read more➤

First this does not work its a rip off.. I want out.. And to cancel they said it would cost me 37.00… They have been taking out 13.00 a month from my bank acccount.. I want it stop and u can do this for me… Thank u very much!!! I thought when I took this on I… Read more➤


I ordered a kebab box, I was waiting. It took about 5 minutes, ready. I was sitting on the phone, waiting for me to be brought to the table. There were 2 guys sitting next to each other who had not ordered anything. The Pakistani muttered something, I think not me, because he was standing at the next table. I turn and look at those 2 chicks there and my kebab boxa too. I'm going to ask where my kebab box is, this answers that my "friends" picked him up. I tell him they weren't my friends to make me new then, he replies to me '' it's not our fault. How do I know they're not your friends? '' Then I looked at my account balance and realized that this Pakistani had recorded 2 kebab boxes and it turned out that I paid double and didn't get anything.

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