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+1 888 879 8790
400 Longfellow Ct.
Livermore , California
United States – 94550
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The delivery is not doing the good job, not doing job at all, in fact. They got my address wrong even though I had my zip code in place in the relevant box. Even though there are seven streets with the same name in my county, the one with my zip code is unique. Well, mistakes happen... Read more➤
I have 5 outstanding refunds and a refund that took off $63.38 for what I don’t know. As for the phone They either say I won something and won’t let me into the company or that I am not in their phone service area or line. They also send items that I cancelled.
I have purchased something from DesignerLiving and the item which I received looked nothing like pictures. I decided to return it for a refund, so I contacted DesignerLiving customer service and they said that I have to ship it back at my own expense. I agreed and asked for a return label. And these guys said that... Read more➤
I paid sofa from the company I placed the order 3 weeks ago already, but these jerks still haven’t delivered it. As well as they took money for the delivery, but after 4 days they asked to pay more. They are liars and scammers, and I want to find other deceived customers, who lost money. Please... Read more➤
I have made my order two weeks ago and never receive any confirmation email. I tried to call so many times and only answering machine. I left them so many message and never get a call back. Luckily i kept calling and a lady picked up. Payment solved and still haven't received any confirmation email. Suddenly i... Read more➤

poor quality

Hello, I have already had a problem repairing dentures in at least two places in Brisbane. The prosthesis is repaired, it costs 10 dollars for work, when I ask for a check, I am sent to the doctor, who issues a receipt for 20 dollars without even looking at his teeth. I understand that 20 dollars is shared between both the technician and the doctor. The same system is also used in "Canberra Dentistry". I paid 20 dollars without even seeing a doctor, but his name appears on the check. When the glued tooth broke after 2 days, 25. 02. I asked to repair the plate again by presenting a check. This time the doctor took the imprint, but ordered to pay an additional 8 dollars, which I objected to because I said that his name was already indicated on the check, so I assumethat he has already received them for 8 dollars without even seeing me 20. 02. I gave the technician my dental impression, which was not returned even at my request, saying that it was illegal that he had thrown it away. The technician, who had previously repaired the plate, gave me this imprint and asked me to always take it with me when the plate was to be repaired. Probably nothing illegal could be, because 20. 02. To technician A. Dumpis, my imprint seemed acceptable, but after a few days it had already become "illegal" (something must be blamed - me and the imprint). You see, the only thing is that I didn't eat nuts in those few days, but the plate repaired with the same impression had also served long enough by chewing hard almonds and fresh carrots. So it's not my fault and it's not my fault, but the poor quality of the technician's work, which is proved by a broken tooth after a few days. Another aspect: how can things I own be forcibly thrown away or misappropriated without my consent? The police had to be called? Should a protocol be drawn up? Should I go to court to complain about the misappropriation of someone else's property? And it's all happening in a medical facility? Now for the quality. What a quality there! This is intentional evil! Revenge for the fact that in some way I have allowed myself to be offended - the question: WHO, wanting to get to it the plate of several poor pensioners repaired for their own money. For the first time, I might have wanted a better polished patch, but nothing, five in a row. However, 25. 02. I was given a plate with reinforcement, which means that when the tooth breaks, this reinforcement will break the whole plate, which will then have to be made again. That's what dr. Neimanis. That is not enough - the tooth is placed in such a way that it does not fit into the row of teeth, but is raised considerably, which leads to the fact that all the weight of the xMobile rests on this tooth and it is broken the first meal. It may already be that I'm wrong, I'm just a teacher, not a dental technician, and it may be that I'm so bad and don't know anyone yet that there's nothing to do to blame the great masters of my craft that specially gnaw stones to make it so good plate 2 days... , but the fact is that at the moment I will not dare to use the plate, thus significantly deteriorating the quality of life, because we have to give up solid food, eg fresh vegetables, have to deal with porridge, etc. It is important for me to repair the prosthesis as soon as possible. In addition, when I left home, I discovered that the secretary had not stamped and signed the receipt of the application. Therefore, seeing their attitude towards me, I allow the idea that the dental institution could ignore my application or "take" a long time. Needless to say, I feel emotionally bad when faced with such an unworthy, unprofessional med. staff behavior, nor was I prepared for it. I feel humiliated, offended, I even asked to stop my leg with them. Of course, I will not go, because it is difficult to talk about ethical norms here - I qualify it as an intentional abuse, which could be far from what a patient or client would expect from doctors. By the way, I was willing to pay, even taken 10 dollars out of my wallet. Then maybe everyone would be happy... but if the plate was not ready to use right away, why pay for it again? So I'm like a small obstacle that can be crushed, destroyed in drives, in the amoka race after $$$$. Simple and classic.


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