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1293 Eldridge Parkway
United States

Phone number: +1 800 423 8434

Category: Gas Stations / Charging Points

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Toll-Free Number:
(800) 423-8434
Customer Service:

CITGO Fleet card
(866) 926-5615

CITGO Rewards® Card
(855) 598-4879

For questions about our lubricants
(800) 331-4068 ext 2

Lubricants Product Answer Line
(800) 248-4684
(888) 246-2582
(800) 331-4068
Emergency/ Hotline:
(832) 486-4700

(800) 424-9300

(800) 992-4846
(361) 844-4120
CITGO Corpus Christi Christina Cisneros-Guzman

(337) 708-8039
CITGO Lake Charles Dana Keel

(832) 486-5250
Corporate April Andrews

(832) 486-4898
Corporate Ray Fohr

(832) 486-5764
Press Inquiries

(361) 844-5243
(337) 708-7252
(630) 257-4531
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Mailing Address:

CITGO Petroleum Corporation

P.O. Box 4689

Houston, TX 77210-4689

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1293 Eldridge Parkway

Houston, TX 77077-1670

Company Address
CITGO Petroleum Corporation
1293 Eldridge Parkway
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Complaints & Reviews — CITGO

There are two Citgo Gas Stations in my town (Naugatuck, CT, ) that when I use my Citgo charge card to buy gas. The pumps charge me the extra charge card price when one station actually has a sign out front saying Citgo charge card same as cash price! This station on RT63 just had there tanks... Read more➤
I had an accident on June 24th 2021 in front of your citgo and I need footage for a insurance claim. Because the person who is at fault on the claim is lying and cops aren’t investigating. Please and thank you Aaron Peters 315885****
Station at 1717 W. College Ave Appleton, WI 54914 always accepted club citgo rewards deals. In May 11, 2021, I pumped my gas and went inside to use my $2 truck wan Tuesday deal. I started the timer on the coupon and showed it to the clerk. She said they no longer get reimbursed for the coupons... Read more➤
I had an altercation with an employee. There are many products in the location without price tags. The employee has tried to charge me $1 more for an item I purchase all the time. The item is tissue paper. When I asked him about the price today and why no price stickers, he waved me off. When... Read more➤
24 Apr, 2021

Lost PS rewards card

I was told to call customer service and they would help me with my PS rewards card. I dont have the card and I cant link the card to the PS rewards account and redeem my points because I dont have the card
I came in citgo after work, walked in. He says give me two minutes for floor to dry. I wait while he helps another customer. He then tells me to wait another two minutes. I said ok, I’m only grabbing a few things right here. He then says, *** YOU, YOU CAN NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN.... Read more➤
9 Apr, 2021

No public restrooms

4/9/2021 5:45pm I was traveling needed to use the restroom real bad and did not have a public restroom. I pee & Pooped myself I am embarrass this happened on 92nd Howard street in Milwaukee or West Allis Wisconsin. They should put restrooms in the gas station, people travel and stop to get gas, drinks, and use... Read more➤
23 Mar, 2021

Inability to register

Trying to register for your new consumer center. Online says that information does not match their information. Have talked to three different people with no resolve. If I can’t obtain my account online then I can’t pay you at the end of the month. Your rollout is as bad as the Obamacare rollout! User’s recommendation: Demand that... Read more➤
I am unable to pay my Bill. Please call me and explain why!! 251 597 ****!!! Name is Larry ATKINS Please call with help for this problem!!!!!
The virgo in windgap Pennsylvania is one of the worst gas stations in our state. Nothing on the pumps or anywhere stating that if you use a debit card at the pump. There is a 75.00 per authorization fee against your account. When my bank statement showed that 75.00 was taken from my account for a 10.00... Read more➤

Misleading customers

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