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General Motors Company
P.O. Box 33136 Detroit Michigan United States - 48323-5136
United States

Phone number: 800060606

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(800) 222-1020
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800 060 606 (European Countries) 8800 200 0076 (Russia) 1800 3000 8080 (India) 1734 (Thailand) 800 0200 0257 (UAE) 1800 1058 (Vietnam) 1800 466 0811 (Mexico)
+1 800 222 1020 (United States) +1 800 263 3777 (Canada) +43 800 068 890 (Austria) +32 800 5802 (Belgium) +49 800 627 0977 (Germany) +30 210 577 3460 (Greece) +39 238 591 173 (Italy) +352 80 040 032 (Luxembourg) +31 207 219 034 (Netherlands) +41 844 850 850 (Switzerland) +90 212 375 5261 (Turkey) +86 800 820 1912 (China) +81 120 711 276 (Japan) +65 65 113 022 (Singapore) +27 414 032 555 (South Africa) +82 803 000 5000 (South Korea) +54 800 888 2438 (Argentina) +55 800 702 4200 (Brazil) +56 225 448 135 (Chile) +57 424 9393 (Colombia) +51 80 051 101 (Peru) +58 800 243 8900 (Venezuela)
P.O. Box 33136
Detroit , Michigan
United States – 48323-5136
Canada1908 Colonel Sam, Oshawa, Ontario L1H 8P7, Canada

Europe, HQ
Cadillac Europe GmbH, Stelzenstrasse 4, 8152 Glattpark, Switzerland

Surinder Jhakhar Bhavan, 4th Floor, Tower B, IFFCO Complex, Plot № 3Sector 32, Gurugram – Haryana 122001

Singapore7 Ubi Close, Alpine Centre, Singapore 408604

P.O. Box 9233, Dubai, UAE Show MoreShow Less

Company Address
Chevrolet LLC
P.O. Box 33136
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Complaints & Reviews — Chevrolet

10 Sep, 2021

Tonneau Hardcover

Just purchased a 2021 Trailboss LT from MacIntyre Chevrolet in Lock Haven, Pa the end of July. I had the dealership order and install the Tonneau Hardcover for me. From day one of picking my truck up, I was having issues with the cover folding back easily into the hard box. While on vacation, a week after... Read more➤
Waiting for my representative to get back to me concerning my problem. Talk to her last Thursday and now its the following Wednesday to see if I can get some sort of refund. Left a message this morning. Still waiting. Im going to be patient but not for ever. Im not very happy User’s recommendation: Stay on... Read more➤
18 Aug, 2021

Dealer unresponsive

In June 2021 we purchased a new Chevy Trailblazer and traded in our 3017 Chevy Malibu from Register Chevrolet here in Brooksville FL. The sales rep advised us that we had an extended warranty on the Malibu, and advised us that we would have to turn in the required…
18 Aug, 2021

Factory defect’s

you would fill the tank up all the way the gas would leak out all over the ground. And when you would drive your car with smell of gas because the fumes would be leaking up in your car. What a fire hazard That was for me to drive when I did not realize what I had... Read more➤
I bought a Camaro used 2015 from a Chevy. Have ms 5 bad discs three hip replacements since October. Walk with cane problems with movement. Bad choice like 600hp. It was not safe. Back to dealer after two weeks to exchange car. $4000 depredation but if I boy1of too demo trexs with about 3500 miles on there... Read more➤

Children's Department

My son, who is 5 years old, was admitted to the hospital with difficulty breathing and the temperature at 3 o'clock at night admission waited 30 minutes until finally the doctor woke up and pulled back to look at what was really bad. When we met the department the medicine was brought all day in small glasses although the medicine must be sealed in a container and so vnk glazite can not stand all day. Further cleaning once a day rude treatment from a caucasian poor cleaner to quote her said mom you nau be able to eat or jaiet stradat you can yourself sweep the ward and wash the closet it is normal. During the day, we continue to xMobile my child's flea, and it is the clients who are to blame for it. I was alone with my son at night I decided to sleep in underwear and maika and because I had been sleeping in half-length pants for several days and maika it tired me asleep I didn't hear that in the morning at 8 o'clock a little I had covered the blanket from vedara sanitary threw me on vedar blanket and squirmed to go out to go to the post and scream so that the ward heard that fat naked is sleeping and called in any way if I'm apaliga but when the doctor can call me went I said I would write a complaint to her that she called me her so told not to write it will not benefit her not even apologize. We continue next to the ward sleeping mom with the kids and are expecting with4. The 9-month-old doctors were told that they felt that soon the uterine doctor would answer a joke, because then you would take your three children to the crisis center. Dobele hospital nau normal I will not take my puisitii to this hospital anymore. At i "

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