Bank of Montreal [BMO]

Bank of Montreal [BMO]

BMO Financial Group
55 Bloor St W, 8th Floor
Phone: 18772255266

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I use their services since 2015 and until now I have had zero complaints. When you need to reissue your banking card, the whole process takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the confirmation of your personal details may simply occur online through their website. I really loved their customer service since they care about your full… Read more➤

Injury Department

Hello, I would like to express my opinion on Our pediatric medicine and its quality! Our Lady has just celebrated her anniversary, but this happy fact was somewhat overshadowed by one accident she broke her arm at. forearm joints, fell unsuccessfully, of course the fault lies more or less with us, parents. my mother and I have never had such a thing before, so we do not know how to be) and released at home, gave a page to the family doctor and said that the family doctor will do the rest, to ask (our) whether you need special treatment or tie the doctors laughed,that it will not be possible, the main thing is not to get soaked and not broken. Our Miss is quite active, but we walked for the appointed time, a little over the top, then the first inversions started: it turned out that the family doctor just gives referrals again so we can come back and in the children's hospital we removed the plaster, and the referral to the x-ray... the doctor who removed the plaster did not say anything specific, although after the x-ray (repeated) it was visible that the bones did not grow together and did not write any conclusions, returned the same page applying plasterWe decided to seek some advice from higher-level specialists, because it is not too late until something can be fixed, but, of course, the only place is the same children's hospital, and we have to wait at least 2 months with the shipment, but if you want money (we were just ready to do anythingto explain to at least someone what the consequences would be if they did or did not do it in order to at least maximally correct the situation) then incomplete monthly - yesterday on October 12 the time was set at 16. 00 and explained to us by phone that the service would cost 40 AU$, we asked again, or do not make a mistake, because it cost about 25 AU$ to other doctors, which is already disproportionately expensive for about 20 minutes of consultation (and doctors still complain that they earn a lot of money) due to the fact that I was working at that time, then My Lady went alone with Ms. to the children's hospital (she is also a working person for us, who has a better working time) She arrived at the hospital almost on time (maybe about 2 minutes late after her newspaper, about 16. 02), but the doctor refused to accept, because after her heartbeat five minutes late... then the question arose: do we choose diseases according to the doctor's watch?.. and even if we are willing to pay in addition to the taxes already paid (because we are both taxpayers, each for at least ten years now, and not a small amount for us), it means that in a given situation we even pay double taxes +.... and if someone tells me now that hospitals don't have to cut off... (forgive me the sick who really need even more help, but I don't wish them such doctors)

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