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Management's Unreasonable Behavior

Well, so to speak, as someone who had worked at Turkebab in front of the Gallery. At first it went well, I was moved and intoxicated with meat, pleasant colleagues. By nature, I am an honest person, and that is probably my main disadvantage. I still believe that I was a valuable employee, because I always smiled, greeted and served customers to everyone. The biggest misfortune is the company's staff selection strategy. The probationary period is 3 months, most of which do not pass. It is based on a failure to fulfill its obligations. However, it is clear to all semi-adequate people that this is done in order not to pay more, and not to pay more taxes. Himself had to face a situation where most were accepted people from the provinces who forgive were not qualified. There was a small dispute with one of these girls, in which I, as a gentleman, gave in. After that, she smiled, gave compliments, but in the end the manager offered me to terminate the employment relationship by mutual agreement, citing "You are working slowly and cleaning again". Hahaha. 1. ) No complaints from the client, 2) I work all week only evening shifts (the main difference from day shifts - day shifts are dirty behind them, leaving greasy surfaces and grills) (2 of them night) + all holidays (hits both 11. both on 18 November). About the shortcomings I notice myself: 1) Sometimes the product is sold with molds (I had noticed it myself, after the sale, as well as I found a worm in a sugar bag) 2) Some employees, unfortunately, do not follow the sanitary norms. (For the first time I worked with food, I got to wash my hands about 40 times, it came to me for +, one lady even expressed a compliment for gentle hands - not a client, vnk a person close to me and in a good sense) 3) The boss is a good woman, married to a Turkish, but the manager gives orders for everything. Let's not talk in words, all the info presented will suffice. 4) YOURSELF. Salary and its payment procedure. I don't know how they calculate the inventory, but they deduct thoroughly - around 20-30 AU$! that the so-called employee benefits on the goods are also suffocation. Promised to pay the salary, but had to wait another 2-3 days. Double-entry bookkeeping - a clear picture, in most places such a procedure. Nothing was recorded in the tax book on the grounds that everything is now electronic. The team. How great it was in the beginning when I came the old staff. Which, unfortunately, left quickly, telling me everything at once, so as not to create illusions. Then began to appear new, most of the province. Here I want to add, while studying at university I had to meet such people. I respect them. They are purposeful and in a way good. But a big city, along with new opportunities, is also destroying these people. In summary, it can be concluded that, unfortunately, this attitude towards employees has become a harsh reality in today's labor market, and not just in the catering sector. When there is no direct contact, everything is decided by the licking managers, who in turn form their opinion based on the reports of the stucco. In my opinion, the main criterion for an employee's work should be customer feedback. Because all companies mention the main customer, then he must also be evaluated. In the past, I didn't want to publish all this because I was brought up to always keep calm, but now I don't want to be silent. I'm also not afraid if something threatens me, I just want to warn people that such a misfortune can happen to you loved ones. I am foreign language myself, I was born here and I have been here all my life (24 years). I am neither a nationalist, nor a fascist, nor a racist. I don't care what language a person speaks, I serve everyone and smile at everyone. And I performed my duties in good faith, simply not in the range of my characteristics, there is no and will not be FALSE. I can say everything in my eyes, I have never been a stucco. Of course, some good can also say that it is bad for me, I can also agree, but only bad if we are talking about employment relations in this country. People are different. Finally, about kebabs. Yes it's true meat is good, although cattle don't taste good to me. But there are places in Melbourne (I won't mention if anyone wants to find one) where the meat is much better, of course this company is not as popular as Turkebab, but the service in vnm is at the level!

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