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killers not doctors!

The dog had started vomiting quite often, the gums became pale, logically that I would take the dog to the clinic. clinic, because it was closer to the center and as far as I am not from Longsdale, then the driver did not want to take us very far. Even before the diagnosis was made, the dog collapsed all sorts of drugs in terrible quantities, notwithstanding that the dog vomited all the time, gave the drug through the mouth, which logically was vomited in the field after 5 minutes. will have to be operated on, waiting or will not move forward at night, I did not show it on the X-ray at all.When we were going to go home, bloody diarrhea appeared. I called once around 9 in the evening - no change, vomited, no diarrhea. I called around 12, the dog is apathetic to the environment, does not react, trying other drugs and watching how they react. 12 have already been told about poisoning.The breeder still told a lot of bad reviews, as well as did not tell anything good in all the forums, I realized that I had to chase and take the dog away before it was poisoned altogether. to think that it was given not in the gentlest way, because before there was no problem feeding something, the dog did not particularly resist. I was transferred to Canderi overnight, where for the first time I also saw the X-ray, in which I saw absolutely nothing and even the doctor there - the intestines are completely empty, they contain only gas. I left the dog there, even gave me a blanket, . The next day the diagnosis was already ready-virus, there were variants of two, but as far as the dog had not pooped, then there was nowhere to do the analysis. The dog got quite awake, it was also the last day of his vomiting. Of all the 7 drugs that were only antibiotics were given at the Stein clinic... Later, we also performed analyzes, which confirmed the established diagnosis of the virus, only now it was exactly known that it is a parvovirus, which is now successfully cured, the dog eats, drinks, plays, feels normal.If my 10 month old a dachshund puppy would probably have died. The breeder had to hear that a puppy she was raising, who had broken her leg there instead of plastering it, but simply amputating it, when one of her dog's ears was torn in a fight, stood by the doctor herself and told her how to sew it, because the doctor just wanted to cut it. The ear healed in such a way that I would not say that something was wrong there before, the dog became the American champion after that. Her acquaintance led her to vaccinate an old, sick dog there and it is not possible to do it, to explode himself.And for all pgroblems of the digestive tract one diagnosis-obstruction-must be cut.The same diagnosis was made for a German Shepherd puppy, for which Canderos was diagnosed with abdominal viruses. I suggest you give that assassin a big turn!

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