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197 E 76th St
New York
New York
United States

Phone number: 1 855-236-7642

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1 855-236-7642
197 E 76th St
New York , New York
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Money Scams

Hello, I would like to draw your attention to what is happening at Pauls Perthh University Clinical Hospital. So on July 17, 2020, I was stuck in this institution with my aching tooth. I waited in line for at least 3 hours, and then now it was finally my turn to go to the office. When I entered the office, looking at my aching tooth, the doctor sent me to do an X-ray, when he came back, he examined him for 5 minutes, he seemed to understand nothing, because when he asked what he saw I didn't get a really understandable answer. has just finished school and has only theoretical skills. Then he finally approached. Paurba brushed my teeth as if he was brushing something because the pain was related to an inflamed canal. The process was short,as short as the amount he baked for me quickly 63 AUD. In addition, he let me go home with an open canal, and told me to come again tomorrow, telling the doctor to "finish what he started, he understood. " I didn't understand anything about it! The only thing left for the rest of the evening was how I was released at home with an open canal, where one hundred and one infections can now be inside, and my relatives were shocked about it, and about the beautiful amount of work they did. So the next day came, I went to the same hospital, arriving this time the queue was even longer, sitting in line I intercepted the doctor, and told yesterday what happened, she did not really understand the message conveyed by the doctor, and said to so queue, and let's close. I was in shock, without asking the doctor anything, I can immediately make such a diagnosis, probably an X-ray of her eye. Anyway, I realized I had to sit in line again,and wait, when it will close, I understand, it was meant tooth time! Time passed, but I am taught the worries about the ongoing treatment here. I was even afraid of what awaited me and what amount I would still have to pay. I thought that I would have to look for another medical institution, intuition did not rest in peace that the treatment would end badly here. I called with Denta Clinic Ltd. There I found out that I could drive right away and pick me up right away. I went there. There I was greeted as agreed. I sat in a chair and started telling the doctor what happened, I showed an X-ray. The first thing he was already surprised about was leaving the canal open, so I asked if the doctor was old or young, because knowing that in the past there were thoughts that it was better to leave open, but now the young people have been taught for a long time not to do so.. When he made the x-ray, both he and I were shocked. Yesterday's young doctor did nothing, paurba, but did not open anything, everything was as it was. So at that moment I realized the work was not done, but the money was taken, I felt cheated. in this body the doctor took me the initial x-ray, then the x-ray with the device in the drilled hole that only now he has been present and opened the inflammation, cleaned, put the medicine in. then prescribed antibiotics to heal the inflammation faster, closed the site temporarily to prevent infection, and explained in detail what he had done and what I should do next. It was also told that if the tooth had been closed then over time it would have been left without a tooth, which would initially turn black and then simply no longer. I forgot to add that I was in the office for an hour, if not a little more, and I paid 50 AU$‎ for the big work, I think you understood the difference,also why do i feel cheated. this first visit was completely unnecessary and the money was thrown into the wind. the heads of this institution should be more closely involved with their trainees and whether they can be employed by patients at all. My thoughts have changed dramatically about this terrible institution. Fraudsters, and nothing more. Just like attitude indifferent. And such thoughts not only to me, but also to my fellow human beings, and to the doctor of "Denta Clinic" Ltd. , who was shocked by the doctor's professionalism, and expressed many condemnatory words about this doctor's skills. I suggest you, if ever, feel yourself and have an evening or a holiday. The hill of shame on Dzirciema Street reigns. Don't go there if you don't want to be without teeth and without money! League 20462433

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