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Controllers' "Target"

Oakland traffic controllers lead to tears for an 8-year-old child who there is no e-ticket, no student ID, no money to buy a ticket. In principle, the story is like this - after the evening training, as usual, I go home from Shopping CenterChildren's world to Marupe. In the center of the entrance bus 25 First Street-Murupe. As usual in the ears are headphones, loud music, a flick of an e-ticket and I wear an adjoining little boy. At the stop of the Arcadian park bus inside the control, until they came to me, I had already prepared an e-ticket for inspection, when a young controller pulled it out of my hands, tried several times to check, until or halfway bus is missing - not working. Being puzzled, I asked who was to blame, in his annoyed voice he said to take a trip or go buy a ticket. I think maybe the number of trips has expired or the monthly ticket for all buses has also been extended. So I went to the driver to buy a ticket, and a coincidence or simply a failed day - cash only 20ls banknote, cash in a few pennies. The offeror refused to sell the ticket, saying he had nothing to issue. Well, nothing, I went to the controller, who had been tied to the little boy sitting next to me while I was at the driver's seat. The boy in one tear, the controller with his opposing voice and chronic behavior only "grabs" again and again, about the fact that the police will now be called, that his parents will be put in prison for it and nothing else. As the bus had already run out, there were no more 7-8 people in it, not counting the 3 controllers. All 3 crushed on top of the one, while the only one he was able to cry over. This attitude is disturbing the controllers with a sound - "WTF?"Everyone once turned to me with such a questioning face - "what do you need?" I widened my eyes and asked why they were treating a small innocent child. Well ok, it's not a stupid e-ticket, but he's just as comfortable driving for free, is he? The controller I had talked to before was obviously dissatisfied that I, a 17-year-old teenager, was looking for a supervisor, an experienced woman with 10 years of experience, and so on. he, holding my e-ticket in his hand, folded it a little, looking at the fault, saying that the ticket itself just didn't work. Then he bent down again, a little more intensely, again until it failed and burst in half. THIS IS A MOMENT FOR ME. The controller then wrote me some kind of penalty receipt, The little child was given a furious look and, together with other aggressive controllers, got off at the stop "Upesllshi" (now - Svetes Street). At the time of check-out, I wrote down her last name on her mobile phone - Irita Linkevica - to call Oakland traffic later and express her claims against her and her behavior. I was told in the Oakland traffic that he had not worked at all on that date and that I had invented it and dropped the handset roughly. Since this incident (early September), I have settled the law as soon as possible, now I only move with my scooter and avoid any contact with RS or controllers.

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