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Complaints & Reviews — 23andMe

14 Aug, 2021


My DNA test of a few years ago was with this ‘company’, and I USED to recommend it highly. Then my email address of forever was somehow hacked, stolen, hijacked, whatever. I have since gotten no mail from new found cousins, and cannot sign into my account. After contacting 23, was sent form to fill out and… Read more➤

I was joining 23 and me put in all the information but never received anything stating it went through

1). Not receiving what I thought I was going to get 2). Not being able to conveniently download a precise file to forward to my Doctors. User’s recommendation: Check first to ensure thee results you are looking for are actually what you are going to receive – and are the results available in a file format to… Read more➤

I hadn’t accessed 23andme for a year or so. When I tried to sign on, and change my email address, it rejected gmail as well as another email address I had. I then added an outlook account so that I could change my password. In trying to do this, all of my sign-in information was deleted by… Read more➤

6 Feb, 2021

23andMe Merger Privacy Issues

It was informative and settled quickly! Very quick wait time and response! I called regarding the Virgin merger. My wait time on the phone was less than 2 minutes. The customer service rep was knowledgeable and efficient. They do need to expand their menu options. User’s recommendation: Recommend.

I have spent about 7 hours trying to find out how to recalculate my family tree and I just can’t. Any instruction found takes you to nowhere. User’s recommendation: Do not purchase the kits – simple as that.

I paid for my kit and it then got sent to me with the test tube. I registered my kit’s code on my account but after I returned the kit in the mail, I noticed the code never went through. User’s recommendation: Options if this happens.

1 Aug, 2020

23andMe Gift from relative

This is such a wrong thing to do. My husband has just discovered his brother after 65 years and was I was given this 23 and me gift to explore my background. After 8 weeks I called the company to find out where the results were, and they said they needed the number and I needed to… Read more➤

I don’t understand why you tell me I can’t find out who my ancestors are? Isn’t that why we pay money to find out? You tell me unless someone else related to me has done this you can’t help me? This makes no sense. I need to know who my father is and where I come from…. Read more➤

I have contacted 23and me on numerous occasions regarding their defect login via google. Tried different browsers, clearing cookies etc. Only get nonsens answers like ‘click on the Log in with google button and provide your password’ even though i provide info that is does not work. This has gone for a few months. I don’t think… Read more➤

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