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Used another person’s xray for mine



Around the last week of August 2021 or 1st week in September 2022.
I made an impromptu visit to Aspen dental to the 1st free exam up on my teeth to see what needed to be done.

I filled out the paperwork. However when I went to do the x-rays for my mouth because my mouth was small. I was choking on the mouthpiece they only did the lowers.

It was way too long, however when I finally saw the dentist. (after 3 dental assistants)
the x-ray showed a full upper and lower set of teeth. (only one taken)
they showed the mouth of a smoker, which I am not.

I did recognized some of the staff. How and why later
I suspect they had other people there because when I went again to ask about the xray that I saw. Unlike the 1st time with several receptionist, only one for the whole company.

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