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Unwillingness to end contract


After 3 LCD panels have quit, months without sending someone to fix the last 2 that went down, many nights of unmonitored doors due to offline issues, and numerous attempts of the service tech trying to make the hardware work, I've had to get another company to arm my buildings. Also, the last alarm, it was over 30 min for the monitoring station to call me. After emailing, they take weeks to respond, then call, hear my situation, say they'll get back to me, and don't. Another person calls, hears the facts of why I had to switch to a company that monitors 24/7, with no dropped signals etc, and they say they'll call back. They don't. lastly, i had the service tech call and explain that the hardware doesn't seem to work with the steel buildings, distances etc, and they instructed him to try again. I don't need him to, as it's now months of no service tech sent out, and I've got another system. With million+ in inventory, I can't afford any nights to be unmonitored.
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