14 Jul, 2021 → by habsburg
They don’t follow the assortment

I tried to order from them a product that was on the page of the online store. I know that this product is no longer in other stores, they told me that it is no longer imported to our country. Here, the system showed that I can buy what I need. Just in case, I called on the phone and asked if the information was correct on their website. They confirmed to me that I could place an order, but they said that they would only be able to ship it after the weekend (I placed my order on Thursday). I agreed, well, although I didn’t pay for the purchase. And so they call me back on Tuesday (almost a week later!!!) and inform me that the goods I need are out of stock. How could this happen, after all, I asked again about the availability. I understand that everyone has some difficulties with work, but do the specialists in the same online store use different databases? I cannot think of any other understandable reason for this outrage. I canceled my order, of course, and they promised me that the managers would sort everything out. I don’t want anyone to be punished, I want the online store to work well.

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They lure by non-existent discounts. They offer the welcome discount code, but it doesn't work. And I am not yet writing about the quality of their goods ...
Wig | July 16, 2021 | Reply
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