2 Apr, 2021 → by Alfred
These people are disgusting


These people are disgusting! I asked them to find an old mate of mine from back in the army days. I am a pensioner and thought I would see how many of us boys are left. I dealt with a chap calling himself Rob or Robert, I can’t quite remember and he told me it would be around £ 400.00 to find my mate. A lot of money but I thought I may as well give it a go. A week later and I got an address. Great.. but it was a VERY old address, ten years old to be precise. I asked for my money back and as with others on here, I got a mouthful from this bloke. I am a pensioner and do not expect to be spoken to like that, let alone threatened! Had I been twenty years younger, I would have gone to his office and punched him on the nose! Truly disgusting! I have since found my mate using a different firm, who charged me a lot less too! Rob or Robert, I STILL expect my money back. Trading standards are also interested in your little operation!

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