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Resolved: Purchased a list of Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists


Update by user Aug 03, 2021 An offer to work through the problem which I am happy with.. Original review posted by user Aug 03, 2021 We requested a list of Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists and the original list provided included vet / animal physios. Yes they re-supplied and replaced the ones we had highlighted as totally against the brief - 1500+/- However, the bigger problem is that I have come up against some serious issues around the verification, and in the end safety of these email addresses. I started a few prospecting campaigns with them and was noticing a dangerous level of Bounce Rate, so I had to pause and assess what was happening. I concentrated on looking at our own set up and DNS and domain health etc and all in all that was ok, although we did need to make one element our end right around the SPF records. With that done, I then set about re-starting campaigns in the hope that things would have improved significantly off the back of the change I made to our DNS but unfortunately this was not the case. At this point I commissioned a contractor to take a look at the campaigns and give me their opinion. They ran a sample of the leads through EmailListVerify and the results were terrible. So all in all we have been left with less than half the 16000+ supplied. Obviously this is very disappointing and definitely wouldn't use this service again. User's recommendation: Avoid as you will put the health of your email domain in jeopardy.
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