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Requesting refund on defective products.


I've purchased 2 Glacier Bay faucets at a Home Depot within the past 13 months and been experiencing a quality issue so far. Therefore, I would like you to advise me of the quality warranty or technical supports in this situation. First, I bought the first one at the Home Depot store near 2375 Steels AVE W Toronto Canada on February 20th, 2020. It was shown 692569****737 Faucet on the receipt and I paid $99.98 plus tax for the first one. And then, I called a handyman, who is a quite experienced guy, and let him install it at my kitchen sink. About 6 months later, I discovered the bottom of my sink wet and found it leaking from the supply line beneath the faucet, so I tried to make a claim to the Home Depot store about this problem, but it was told that they couldn't handle the issue because it was over 6 months from its sales. I had no choice but to buy another one at the store because I didn't want my kitchen wet any longer. It was why I bought the second one just within 7 months of the first purchase of Glacier Bay Products. My receipt says the second one is 692569****744 Kitchen Faucet and I paid $134.47 plus tax for the second one. By the way, two weeks ago, I noticed that there the supply line had a leak again, which is exactly the same phenomenon as the first one had. Since both of the 2 Glacier faucets have shown identical problems just in a year, it makes me upset. The handyman came back and also advised me to contact Glacier Bay for these issues. Actually, the guy says that he suspects these products defective in the design or manufacturing process. If you need to send me the installed image or video before then, please let me know how I can send you the file and advise me of how I ask for warranty service or technical supports for this situation. Since my kitchen is about to flood every day, it would be much appreciated if you get back to me as soon as you can. User's recommendation: do not buy.
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