13 Apr, 2021 → by ClaimboUser468627
Relaxium is a scam. They charged me $64 for a bottle of their ineffective product which I did not order and returned to them.

I was scammed. I ordered a "free" bottle of their product. They sent me two and charged me $64 even when I returned the product. This is clearly a scam. User's recommendation: Don't fall for the Relaxium scam.
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First of all I thought this was something they were going to send me to try needless to say I am now over $100 out of my account trying something I don't even like is this a scam these people are scammers and if you're smart you will not get involved in this product let me know answer the calls the worst company I've ever dealt with
Kathy | November 06, 2021 | Reply
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I am in agreement. The product does not work. Customer service is terrible. I have been on the phone for over an hour trying to get in touch with customer service & have been disconnected 3 times. I have gone to customer service on their website & there’s no way to leave a question or do a chat. I was charged $107 for 3 bottles & did not receive my “free” bottle. I am afraid they will continue to send me bottles even though I went on their website & supposedly cancelled. To finalize my cancellation I had to call the number I was disconnected from 3 times. My advice - stay away.
Patti | July 12, 2022 | Reply
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