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Over charge to my credit card


Aspen Dental: I made my 1st dental appointment on 6/4/2021 I needed 2 teeth extracted. When I got to appointment, I was automatically evaluated for dentures, but I only wanted extractions. However, I later agreed to the dentures, and I spoke with financial officer and charged $2800.00 on my credit card that day I did not notice that PATIENT RESPOSNIBILITY WAS $2496.00. Once I paid, they did imprints and scheduled second appointment for extraction and temporary partials. June 25, 2021 Extractions done, and temporary partials were given to me, but they did not fit and was told to reschedule 7/14/2021 for filter to be put on top partials. I arrived on 7/14/2021 to office but was closed due to doctor being sick. I was not notified, but I rescheduled 7/27/2021. On 7/27/2021 I saw dental lab worker and told her partials did not fit and hurt my gums. The partials look like teeth that belong to a gerbil, they do not look normal they are so small and do not fit with my permanent teeth for chewing. Also, temporary partials hurt my gums and I am not able to speak right they impair my speech. The bottom partial only has two teeth and had a full lower jaw bridge that did not fit right and was crooked. When I spoke with lab worker and asked why the particle could not be just the two teeth with the wires, she said she would fix it that way and she would call when ready. On 7/28/2021 I picked them up at front desk, they were handed to me in a baggie. They were not properly fitted. I took them home and was not able to wear them because they were loose and came off with muscle movement from mouth. I called and they gave me another appointment for 8/5/2021. It has been TWO MONTHS NOW and I still have never worn the partials because they have never been fitted properly. I am not satisfied with the work on partials and not satisfied that I keep coming back to be fitted and after 2 months not able to wear the partials. I am not able to keep coming for adjustments that do not work and especially with the new Delta virus going on I do not want to keep coming here and not getting the problem solved. Therefore, I am requesting refund on partials because I am not satisfied with the partials and do not want to keep coming back every 2 weeks. On 8/5/2021 I was refunded $1494.00 but still owed over charge of $304.00, Aspen office claims a ticket has been sent off but it has been 5 weeks and no refund. I was charged $2800.00 and on my patient responsibility it shows that I was responsible for $2496.00 for over-charge to my card of $304.00. I have waited and have not heard from Aspen. Sincerely, Consuelo Garrison
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