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On field rationale


There is hypocrisy in the NFL on two major issues which penalise the defense. 1. The illegal hands to the face. The running back can stiff arm a defensive player, shoving his hands directly into the face... No call. Defense does it... Penalty. Occasionally an offensive lineman will get the call against him, but if you are concerned about the hands to the face, penalise those that actually do it. That rule hypocrisy is brutal. 2. Hit to the head. Defensive guy lowers his head to tackle. If he makes contact with the head of another player... penalty. Makes sense, sort of. However, when the defensive player already has the lower head position and, again, the running back lowers his head to drive through the head of the defensive player... penalty on the defensive player. Hypocrisy again. This one can be solved by saying that the person with the ball cannot lower their head. You penalise the offensive player for lowering head in head to head contacts. You do this, you prevent tons of head on head injuries and preserve the health of the athletes. You also allow a better, safer tackle zone that includes the torso, where at present, the defensive guy needs to go to the knees (dangerous) to tackle a guy.
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