16 Feb, 2021 → by cuterav
My experience with their buggy electronics

First off, I want to mention that maybe my issue is the exception, and you could have the most pleasant time ordering with them. Last month I ordered a PlayStation, and you know this item is very limited. I received my receipt confirming I would be contacted back for a follow-up. Everything went smooth, and their center called me telling me that within 2 weeks or so, I could enjoy my playing experience. Within 2 weeks, I got my PlayStation, and I could not understand what was wrong with it. The play game was so slow, buggy, I do not know how to describe it. My Internet had nothing to do with it. Now, I plan to return it back to them to replace or fix the issue. Hopefully, I can continue playing in the near future.

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You will have to wait a long time, I have been waiting for my refund for more than a month. They just don't answer my requests anymore. I don't know if this is a support problem or is it just a store policy, but I warned you and everyone who reads this, better look for another store.
Will Lassek | June 08, 2021 | Reply
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    They sent me a non-working Philips coffee machine, I tried to return it for a very long time, I paid the money, they sent me a defective product and I still have to spend a lot of time to return it, I felt fooled.
    Zebah | June 21, 2021 | Reply
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