9 Jul, 2021 → by pok choipok choi
It’s strange that their prices suddenly change

I searched for a certain product on the Internet and the search engine gave me several addresses of stores where I can buy what I need. So I noticed one strange thing: in the snippet, I see the price at which the product is offered. But as soon as I go to the online store page, a completely different price is shown to me (usually it is higher than in the search results). Why this happens is not clear, especially since I did not notice such situations in other online stores. Probably there are some problems with the site settings. I once took screenshots and reported the problem to the administrators of the online store, they promised to fix it. Hopefully, after a while, all functions will work as expected.

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I bought an canopy there, but it broke from a strong wind. I don’t know whose fault. But unpleasant, I would like a better product.
Zero | July 13, 2021 | Reply
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