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It's a long story, I'll start over. I have a big problem with hair loss after I had a covid. My doctor promised it would stop soon, but it didn't. And I practically got a little bald spots. It's horrible and makes me crazy. I started to look for a way out, read a lot of information and consulted my doctor, but he didn't show much enthusiasm for my problem and said to just wait. But how can I wait I am a young girl and want to look good, and do not want to wear wigs all the time. I started to be haunted by annoying ads for Scalp Med. And the pictures on the website impressed me. but I was alerted to the fact that there are few reviews, those that are similar to advertising articles. Since I was already desperate, I decided to try them, in addition to the supplements that I was already taking. I didn't like that I had to subscribe and I had the feeling that if I didn't like it, it would be a problem to cancel. Which it did. But first I will write that in two months there was no change, my hair was falling out less before I started using the system, but it didn't stop and new hair didn't start growing. I will not say that Scalp Med is a fraud it may just be my individuality and the system did not work for me. And now I just want them to stop withdrawing money from me I contact customer service. I received a positive response, but my money has not been refunded and my parcel is on its way to me and I do not need it. That is, I will have a new problem, since I will still have to return and spend time on it, causing me additional headache! Scalp Med your support service is virtually useless!

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