17 Feb, 2021 → by president
I wish they were more prompt

The services are overly nice, but the growing number of imperfections makes me change my reviews from the excellent ones to the average ones.

Firstly, everything seems to be nice with the personnel. They are knowledgeable and hardworking people ready to help anyone who needs it.

Secondly, when I tried to cancel my membership, I understood I had to go through such a great number of official procedures and verifications, that I had to postpone the whole thing because I didn’t have time for that on a working day.

Thirdly, when I decided to get back to the issues and finally cancel my membership, I was redirected to the page saying “something’s gone wrong, try later”.

As a result, I had to get through a lengthy conversation with one of the online management members to make sure I can be unsubscribed from the service.

I wish the attitude to the customers wasn’t so lame.

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