17 Mar, 2022 → by Redouane
I wish I didn’t waste my money on these poor products.

All the internet and social media were full of the Goli gums advertisements. That is why I saw it I would be safe buying their products. I care about my health that is why I wanted to try some fully vegan products to eat them safely. I ordered a lot of food.
The first red flag was with the product's basic features. Their products were supposed to have a good smell and to be tasty. Everything was exactly the opposite. People who surrounded me felt a strange smell they told me it was like plastic mixed with fruits then I got it myself. The smell was so bad that I needed to brush my teeth and somehow clean my mouth every time I talked to other people.
Then came the second red flag. It is said that the product will help you to lose weight. And it is a lie. I didn't have a bad shape I just wanted to lose a few kilograms with the help of gummies and I thought it will work as should have burnt the fat. But eating them for a month just led me to gain some more kilograms. It didn't stop me and I kept on using them and the result was obvious, I gained more than 4 kg! I understood that something is wrong with the product and stopped using it. Besides getting the weight I've got digestion problems. But fortunately when I stopped using them while coming to the norm.
Their advertisements are false they just bought good reviews and good ads to make people trust them and lose the money. I got into the address and lost a few hundred dollars.

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