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I went to Taco Bueno on West Pershing Boulevard North Little Rock Arkansas 72

Update by user May 16, 2021 Not resolved at all Original review updated by user May 16, 2021 I gave One of your employees $20 and they gave me a big freaking burrito and a order of 5 churrols when I order a big freakin Taco a big freakin burrito A 4 pack cheesecake chimmy And a 5-pack churros User's recommendation: Check order 5 times and be aware watch them make your food.
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Tonight my family and I decided to try Taco Bueno in North Little Rock. After paying for my food I noticed that the food preparer or cook did not have on any gloves and was touching food without gloves on her hand which is very unsanitary she said she was told not to wear gloves . so I asked for a refund before I even received any food and the young lady at the window went and got the same lady who made my food and she told me she did not have time to call the manager or the owner and worry them about this but she did have time to call the police and I did too this matter was handled very unprofessional and definitely very unsanitary I am very unsatisfied and I need a full refund and an apology. Store number 8047 ticket number 102. I left the store with no food and Taco Bueno kept my money.
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